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Don't wait for an embarrassing situation
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Debt Elimination Wizard:
Shows you how to pay off credit card debt without paying all the interest
Cuts years off your credit debt
Saves you $$$
Includes a comprehensive, 100+ page manuel
Teaches you your credit rights
Handy Tips
Handy's debt elimination package is a set of comprehensive tools that provide you with the knowledge and information necessary to take charge of your financial situation. Handy's debt elimination software can help you improve your credit legitimately but it takes time a conscious effort and sticking to personal debt repayment plans.

Handy believes in giving back to your community, with every purchase sold, a percentage will be donated to The Handy Care Package Team to assist in feeding hungry youths in your community.
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How Does It Work
Teaches you how to build credit
Learn how to communicate with collection companies
Manage credit, obtain credit & establish credit
We work with you 1-on-1
We help you get out of debt
Restore your credit
26 different credit dispute letters formatted for you
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